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Gelish Being Sold At Sally…Not Cool July 11, 2011

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While perusing the isles of Sally Beauty Supply last week I stumbled upon something that really rocked my world. As many of you know I am also a licensed nail technician. After being out of the business full-time for several years I came back for what was going to be an exciting new beginning in the nail business.

After years of downturn in the nail industry, many exciting and new products began to emerge; one of them being gel polish, like Shellac, which skyrocketed every manicurists profits!

But, what did i see in Sally that made me so upset….mini bottles of Gelish gel lacquer being sold to the masses at Sally Beauty Supply! How rude Gelish.

I understand that everyone is out to make a buck in this economy, but to take a professional product like that and sell “over-the-counter” to consumers is a direct slap in the face to nail techs who profit and earn their living from providing the service.

In my opinion, Gelish just committed suicide by making this move. Who wants to use a product in their salon that people can just pick up in the local beauty supply store? I am further irritated that they didn’t even consider the people who first purchased their product, marketed it as a great alternative to Shellac when they had supply and demand issues.

I use Gelish products now, but as of 7/11/11 will discontinue and not reorder. I personally feel that they are about to do to the nail business now what “drive thru” nail salons did to the business in the early 90’s, devalue our service and rob hard working people who use these professional products to make a living.

Shame on you Gelish…shame, shame, shame! I’d like to hear what some of you nail techs think about this!! Please comment!


16 Responses to “Gelish Being Sold At Sally…Not Cool”

  1. hillary fry Says:

    I’d read they claimed they would only sell to pros, but selling in a location like Sally’s is just such a turn off. I appreciate companies like CND that are committed to professionals. Applying a product like this is not easy for most people and I suspect that if it does get sold directly it will come back to haunt them. All errors will point be pointed toward the product.

  2. Lynette Says:

    You’re right! I get so offended when I see products like gelish, shatter and most recently nail stamping and minx like products being sold to consumers. I think stuff like that should onlu be sold to pros. This D-I-Y revolution is killing me!

  3. Erin Says:

    shrug. you guys are overpriced. I went to university, spent $50000 in over 4 years, and make less per hour than a nail tech. I should be able to purchase any beauty product I like, such as hair dye for example, without having to pay an over priced “professional” to mark it up and apply it. I don’t begrudge you earning a living, but PUHLEEZE……. there are some of us who are perfectly capable or applying nail polish without the assistance of a professional…. You will always have your clients who are willing to pay for your service. For the rest of us who have kids to feed….well, we now have a choice.

    • Thanks for your comment Erin! Yes there are some who are perfectly capable of applying polish without “professional” assistance however, there are many who are not. Gel polish is very different than applying regular polish and not applying or removing properly can cause temporary or permanent nail damage.

      And to your point that nail techs are overpriced, many times we do not set forth the prices for services. And if you only knew what techs made after commissions, product charges etc., you would not be so quick to judge. Nail techs have children to feed also, many times on much less than you may think.

  4. May Says:

    I disagree. I get gelish done, however they don’t have every color that I’m looking for so having the freedom to buy the shade I like & take it to the salon with me is great. Even though the resources are available for me to do it at home, I won’t due to my lack of skill lol.

  5. Leah Says:

    I am so HAPPY to find Gelish products at Sallys Beauty, and it is as easy as applying nail polish. So for us who are on a tight budget with children, just like the other person commented, and the convience of being able to do your nails at home, not having to get someone to watch your children so you can go to the nail salon! SO SO MUCH cheaper to do yourself. It does not take a professional to do Gelish nails at all. And there will always be those who would rather go to the salon and so you nail techs don’t have anything to worry about. It takes a long time to do on your own and it is a bit of work but for those of us that are do it yourselfers it’s GREAT!!!

  6. lauren Says:

    ?? Regular people shouldn’t be able to purchase specialized nail polish? The gel polishes do not require special training for use due to safety concerns and, therefore, should be available to the public just as sewing machines, hair removal techniques, caligraphy pens, cake decorating supplies, jewelry making supplies, etc….are. Do you want regular nail polish removed from public sale as well?

    For those who are not capable to applying the gel polish with good results I’m sure they will continue to return. For those customers that ARE perfectly capable of applying with professional results, well, maybe you should think of offering additional services or niceties that would draw them to be pampered in your salon instead of complaining that a perfectly reasonable product is not hoarded for your financial gain.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Oh god, stop being over emotional. It’s business. Deal with it.

  8. Maria Says:

    totally agree ladies! I’m a salon owner and when I found out Sallys was selling gelish i called and kinda flipped out they didn’t care (of course) so i called Harmony the gelish manufacturers and they said that they aren’t selling the full line and only small quantity s. Either way its still irritating Ive been a hair stylist for 11 years and I put my everything into my salon and companies like this make it so hard. People don’t realize how bad they can ruin their hair and nails when the don’t have the education or the know how. I seen one review by a DIYer on Sallys web site that said “my nails came out great without the base and top coat no need to spend the extra money…) OMG are you kinda me! Don’t worry ladies We will always be here to “Redo What you Do In You Kitchen” lol. I’m seriously thinking about a boycott of Sallys!

  9. Maria Says:

    And Btw do you ladies know any nail tech who makes hourly? Yeah, me neither.

  10. Lisa Holden Says:

    I am a nail technician who loves using Gelish, and youre very right about the DIY revolution, how ever they (sally’s) is robbing their customers anyways charging 20$ a bottle for a MINI ! When i can get a regular size bottle for $15 at CosmoProf. They’re shooting themselves in the foot anyways, no one who is a DIY person is going to spend upwards of 100$ for a gel polish manicure at home when they need to buy the light, the bonder, the base coat, color, top coat, cleanser and removal system.
    Gelish should have left it to us to service clients with these products, such a waste to have it at sally !!

  11. Jill Says:

    I hate to break the news but Sephora sells opi gel system made just for Sephora and it comes with full instructions. VERY easy to apply. Great colors. Just follow the directions. You also can buy all gel polish including CND and OPI all colors from EBay with free shipping. I have never had a problem with any of the polish from there. There are many reputable vendors on ebay. You just have to check out their reviews. Ulta also sells gel polish. It is only going to grow in popularity once people see how easy it is. if you can paint your nails you an apply gel polish with great results.

  12. Camille Says:

    I agree with everyone on this. It’s not a black-and-white issue by any means.

    1. Nail technicians rely on providing services such as gel applications for their livelihood. And whether they own their own salon or not, they have overhead, which comes in different forms. So eliminating a major income-generator

    2. I disagree with people on either side talking about not enough money to raise a family, etc. That’s the price of being alive, and it happens in any and every job or profession. Customers doing their own services at home are not responsible for their former manicurist’s income. The enemy, as someone pointed out, is the manufacturer, who has no loyalty to its biggest clients–salons.

    2. Even with pharmaceuticals, there is a pretty long wait period before a new drug can be made generically, so it does seem a bit harsh that the ‘available to the public’ gel systems are available almost right away.

    3. That woman did make a very good point, however, about being able to find the colors that she wants, since they only have a few options at salons. I’ve read that on a lot of pages about different gel systems.

    4. The only constant in life is change. No industry stays the same, and most people (the 99%, that is) are inconvenienced on a regular basis by things that negatively impact their livelihood, caused by forces completely beyond their control.

    I’m a medical interpreter, and also a translator on the side. Translation is dying a quick death for its *trained* practitioners due to crowd-sourcing (thanks, google). Look at the closed captions for most any youtube video and there’s a very good chance that the subtitles–even the English ones–are not great, in terms of the language itself, and the tweaking of characters/units of meaning per line. (Not TEDx talks; we’re volunteers, but go through an application process. Every talk goes through a review, and then a final approval process. That’s 3 different translators working with the same text.)

    BUT the point is, I can’t stop crowd-sourcing—the internet has changed my job and there is nothing I can do about it. Same with your job: amateurs are doing it for themselves. It is what it is. The only thing we can do is try to think outside the box and keep moving forward.

    5. On the other hand, we can’t always control their incomes but they can control to an extent the money that goes out the door. So yes, some months we have to x-out clothes, replacement contacts, a trip to the dentist, a meal out, our favorite magazines, getting our roots touched-up, seeing a concert, or getting a manicure. Sometimes we decide to do without some of those things altogether (me–the trips to the dentist:) .

    I’ve been going to my hair lady for ages–at least 15 years–and have brought her at least 5 steady customers during that time, who I know will be wither her for the long haul. But a couple of years ago, I had to stop having my color done professionally. Not because I didn’t like the way she did it, not because I didn’t care about her income—but because I cared more about my _own_ budget—-I have to. So I do my color at home. No need to give the ‘box color fries your hair and costs you more in the long run or at the very least, make your hair look like crap’ speech; I’ve been doing this for a while, and I’m okay with the results, and accept all the…’risks’. I still go to her for haircuts of course, and will for the foreseeable future.

    I think there are people, though, who get their hair colored or nails done professionally, not because they have money to burn, or because they aren’t sure they have the skills to do it themselves, but because for them, it is the experience, the luxury of having someone pamper them with a well-executed service that enhances their beauty and a calming reprieve from the business of life. And I don’t the demand for that will disappear from the earth, ever.

    Sorry, ladies–hopefully that wasn’t a huge drag to read, if you did. I’ve been inside all day working and cleaning, and have only had quick phone conversations. So I guess all the built-up verbalization kinda came out just now:)

  13. Camille Says:

    …and I clearly did not proofread. Nice translator!

  14. I’m disappointed. Even with Youngs… Gelish and Youngs- Bad move… For all the regular folks out there enjoy. You will over pay and not knowing the science of the product will just be a waste of your dollar. And if you think it is just like applying ‘Regular’ polish your wrong. If not properly applied it will peal, lift, and possibly get water trapped under the nail. Your regular polish just gave you fungus. Your not knowing how to remove it properly caused damage to your nails. This results in us career nail technicians in not wanting to use the product because of the name of ‘Sally’s Beauty’. Sally’s might have a few good products for now. However, better will still not be in your grasp.

  15. Rea Says:

    As a nail tech I’m freaking pissed! We should boycott every retailer that sells to the public!

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